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More Harmony. More Balance.

Create a harmonious and balanced space. Start building a life of peace and positivity.  


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The Complete Energy Upgrade is a 1:1 consultation designed to identify and remedy any energy blockages in your home that are affecting other areas of your life (and vice versa) so that you can find more alignment and flow in your day-to-day.

Through virtual consultations, I will help you create harmony between you and your environment using Classical Feng Shui principles.

My recommendations will help you harness the power of your space's existing energies to multiply your efforts. You’ll find that clarity, vitality, and joy come easily once you’ve activated your space’s energy.

This package is designed for you if...

  • You're ready to uncover the energy blocks in your home that might be preventing you from gaining momentum in your business and personal goals.
  • You are ready to create a connection with your home in a way your wellbeing feels taken care of, so that you can increase focus & concentration for work in the day and get restful restorative sleep at night.
  • You are ready to discover and leverage the untapped opportunities in your home for more abundance, joy, and vitality in your life!

Book Your Energy Elevation Edit to get started!

You’re giving your mind, body, and spirit all you’ve got, but you still feel like there’s a block somewhere. Something isn’t clicking into place like it should be… 

When the unique bond between your personal energy and your space is out of whack, it’s hard for other things in your life to fall into alignment like they should. That’s because you’re lacking the energetic support of your environment… 

Imagine if...

  • You could feel a sense of empowerment as you move throughout your professional, personal, and spiritual life. 
  • You could maximize your space’s energetic potential to serve you, your hard work, and the goals you’re manifesting. 
  • You could experience peace and ease as your space works for you, instead of against you. 
Book Your Energy Elevation Edit to get Feng Shui'd

Step 1: Identify Goals and Blockages 

You will schedule a complimentary Energy Elevation Edit. A 20-minute phone or Zoom call to discuss your goals and what you hope to gain from a Feng Shui’d space. We’ll talk about any personal blockages that may be holding you back and how these might be manifesting physically in your space.


Step 2: Intention Setting Call

If after your Energy Elevation Edit you're excited to proceed and we both agree Feng Shui is a good fit for you, we set an Intention Setting Call. This is a 40 min call where we discuss your goals and intentions for your career, relationships, health, and spirituality. 

Then I get to work on assessing your floorplan. I thoroughly analyze your bagua map and look for how you can adjust your space to receive the most abundance, joy, and vitality.


Step 3: Find Flow

Next is the in-person or virtual consultation. Where we will walk through your space together and make adjustments that activate your space’s energy to help you achieve your goals and intentions.

Starting with what you already own, we'll repurpose, reposition, or remove articles as necessary to improve flow and balance the elements throughout your space. I’ll also provide recommendations for new ways of interacting with the space that will allow you to reap the energetic benefits. You can ask about decor, paint colors, furniture arrangement, or any other questions you may have.


Step 4: Stay Committed

Over the next 3 months, we'll keep in touch to ensure you have the accountability, consistency, and support you need to achieve the goals we discussed. At intervals best for your success (potentially every 30 days or every 2 weeks), we will chat to make sure everything is on track and adjust as necessary.

Summary of what's included:

Over the next 3 months, we'll keep in touch to ensure you have the accountability, consistency, and support you need to achieve the goals we discussed. At intervals best for your motivation type (ex. every 2 weeks or every 30 days), we will chat to make sure everything is on track and adjust as necessary. During the follow up period we will use other modalities such as BaZi and Human Design to optimize the other energetic aspects of your life.

  • 1 Intention Setting Call (approx. 40 minutes).
  • 1 virtual or in-person home assessment (2.5 hours)
  • A Bagua Map to guide you as you continue transforming your space throughout your Feng Shui journey
  • 3-6 follow-up calls over 90 days (2.5 hours total)
  • An Elemental Moodboard breaking down the attributes of each Feng Shui element
  • A visual guide of the elemental cycle, how it works, and decor inspiration for each element
  • Personalized recommendations for using specific spaces to activate the energy needed to reach your goals
  • Personalized recommendations and tips for using Feng Shui to reach your goals
Book Your Energy Elevation Edit to get Feng Shui'd

Feng Shui is the ancient practice of creating energetic harmony between human beings and the environment that surrounds us. This Earth Luck balance is often the missing piece in our present-day self-help practices. 

Think about it: from your job to your relationships, you want to energetically align with the different areas of your life. I bet you meditate, have an exercise regimen, and eat healthy to feel your best and have the energy to take on each day. 

The energy of your home is no different! 

When you’re aligned with your space, you’ll feel a sense of support surrounding you and you’ll have more energy to accomplish your goals each day!

The best way to use your environmental energy to your advantage is to orient yourself with the energy of your home. 

Seems simple enough, but trust me, throughout my own Feng Shui journey, I’ve stumbled upon my fair share of confusing articles and unreliable information. 

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching Feng Shui in an easy-to-understand, accessible, and fun way that honors the spirit and principles of this ancient practice. 

The best thing is, after working with Feng Shui for 8+ years, I’ve curated all the information you need to get started on your own Feng Shui journey! 


Jeannette Cieszykowski


I’m a Feng Shui consultant and the founder of Elemental Clarity. For the past 8+ years, I’ve been refining the contemporary practice of Feng Shui so it’s accessible and simple for people who are ready to make shifts. 

I've gone through the trial and error application process using Feng Shui. I get people Feng Shui results because the topic is my passion.

On the outside, I have a master’s degree in landscape architecture and years of experience in the corporate world. On the inside, I’m an observer of emotions, energy, people, and spaces. 

That duality is what Feng Shui represents: merging the energy of the material world with the power of intention and flow. 

What I’ve come to know is that Feng Shui is never just about improving your space. It starts there: you want to Feng Shui so your home looks better, so you’ll bring in more money, so you’ll find your dream job, or attract a partner… 

But it's always deeper than the initial intention. 

Energy doesn’t lie, and as a Feng Shui consultant, I know that true change happens when people get real about the flow of energy in their lives. Showing you simple, practical ways to do just that is what Elemental Clarity is all about. 

I am certified by the Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny, and primarily work 1:1 with my Feng Shui clients while also focusing on how to make Feng Shui modern and accessible online.

After taking this course, you’ll know how to:

take a Compass Reading for any location so you can energetically analyze any space

create a Bagua Map to give you a better vantage point of how energy flows within your space

find your 4 Lucky Directions in your space and use them to your advantage

boost the energy in your Lucky Directions so you can achieve your goals

use your space to magnetize your intentions into your life

Look at what 1:1 clients have said after completing the Complete Energy Upgrade

Are you ready to…

  • Feel more empowered, aligned, and in control? 
  • Crush your personal and professional goals? 
  • Fast-track your dreams by tapping into the flow of energy?

If you said yes to any of the above, then you’re ready to tap into the power of your unique Lucky Directions to create a life you’re obsessed with. 


Are you ready to receive?  

Begin by booking your Energy Elevation Edit

The Feng Shui Essentials Package


During this service I guide you through applying Classical Feng Shui to your space.

True to its name, in this package we apply the Classical Feng Shui essentials to your home.

Once completed, your home will put a smile on your face. 





Or if you prefer DIY, check out my DIY Feng Shui Program HERE!

The Complete Energy Upgrade


This Classical Feng Shui package takes a comprehensive life approach.

There are three aspects in which you can optimize your energy to see improvements in all areas of your life - the Heaven, Man, and Earth aspects.

In the Complete Energy Upgrade I not only guide you through applying Classical Feng Shui to your home (Earth Luck), I also utilize other modalities to enhance your personal energy (Heaven & Man Luck) so you manifest even more of your desires.

Once completed you will feel a renewed sense of energy internally and externally that will propel you forward.


The Premium Feng Shui Collection

✓ In Person

✓ Energy Elevation Edit and specific preconsultation information Required

This is a 'Done For You' Feng Shui experience.

Meant for the busy business person who values their time, prefers to delegate decor decisions, and is ready to achieve higher levels of energetic alignment.