For the goal oriented professional who likes to succeed,  who knows they will find a way, but has felt stagnant, and wants to feel reinvigorated by their life again!


"In just 5 weeks you can create a space that provides stability, positivity, and is supportive of your evolving aspirations"


Transforming your physical environment is a crucial step in manifesting your broader life goals.


Most personal development advice is centered around what you should change about YOU.

But if you're trying to be someone new and improved it's hard to create a new future in a space representative of your past. 



Have any of these ever ever crossed your mind...


You've always dreamed of a home that's not just stylish but a sanctuary for your well-being.


You aspire to balance your demanding career with a fulfilling personal life, pursuing passions while maintaining meaningful relationships.


You dream of harmony in all aspects of your life, from work to home, aspiring to inspire others and make a positive impact.


However, you've no idea where to start???


My name is Jeannette Cieszykowski, and after spending 10 years of study and trial & error to know what works and doesn’t work as a Classical Feng Shui consultant, I discovered that MOST PEOPLE are trying to fix their instability, stagnation, and lack of balance problem by looking everywhere BUT the space they spend the majority of their day in.

While you have likely optimized or continue to improve your mental and physical habits you're completely neglecting the space that supports your energy and being.


The TRUTH is:

your home is an extension of you. Your external is a direct reflection of your internal. While you may be able to dress for success your home environment reflects how you really feel.


To create a safe, peaceful, positive home and become a magnet for joy, creativity, passion, intimate relationships, opportunities, success, and tranquility, it is important you first feel joyful & fulfilled from within.

After all, we attract what we are.

Thankfully, harnessing the power of Feng Shui can be a FUN process that helps you experience a continued evolution of health, wealth, and life satisfaction.


You may generally do well financially in your career or business, but it feels as though you’re not fully living in your joy, where creativity and passion seem to be stagnant or lacking. It feels like you’re not seeing something that requires unlocking for the harmony of success & joy to be experienced.

You know that your friendships & relationships could definitely improve. You desire long-term intimate connections that fulfill you and inspire you to level up to your best self. But, somehow, despite your manifestation efforts, these relationships don’t last. If only you can see the RIGHT & aligned relationships before confidently saying yes to them, saving you unaligned effort.

When you encounter a challenge, you start digging into the past to understand the root cause of your emotions & past decisions. You’re investigative and results driven. So, why aren’t you seeing and acting on the things that allow you to live fully in your joy & vitality? If only you could resolve the constant tiredness & unfulfillment once and for all…

After reading so much about Feng Shui, it feels like you’re pretty knowledgeable with rearranging your decor. But you’re frustrated with feeling like your space is holding you back from joy & fulfillment. You’re spending lots of money on decor, but you’re not seeing the results being mirrored in your experiences

You yearn to experience more fulfillment, creativity, happiness, and passion. You desire to love more openly and passionately in your life. You are ready to feel supported from within. And, to manifest these experiences, you know you need to take more courageous and decisive action, and allow yourself to flow through uncertainty.

At your best, you experience a continued evolution of health, wealth, and life satisfactionas you openly receive the joy & vitality that life has to offer youYou desire to upgrade yourself consistently and confidently, but you haven’t found the tools & information to help you independently create the changes & goals you’re looking for, no matter what phase you are in your life.


If one or a few of these resonate, you feel overwhelmed or nervous by the process - here are what current students, who felt the same way when they started, are now saying...(by week 1!)

"You make the difficult process of setting and living intentions easy and tangible"

"Your information is SOOO deep once you get into the directions. It's not like, let's just give you little baby bites. It's really meaty and has good substance to it. Your information is actually making me think about my space and intentions."

Say Goodbye to Dissatisfaction & Unfulfillment…

And Hello to The 2 Missing Keys That Will Help Reconnect You to The Zest of Life, While You Savor Elevated Experiences of Bliss, Vitality, and Joy!

  • Without reframing your subconscious mind to spot the opportunities that life brings to you through Feng Shui, most opportunities go unseen and missed. Applying the mindset work & subconscious programming principles will help you see the doors of opportunities, and provide you with evidence that life is indeed supporting you in serendipitous ways.
  • What do you do when the doors of opportunities show up? You have a choice – sit by the sidelines and watch them pass OR engage by walking through the doors confidently. Feng Shui & Mindset alone (all woo and no practical do) will only get you so far. Taking aligned action will make your efforts with Classical Feng Shui worthwhile, as you reap the benefits and savor the reinvigorating experiences you call into your life.

With These 2 Missing Keys, I Present To You...

Feng Shui Your Lifestyle

The 3-step blueprint for creating a life that manifests more fun, abundant love, and fulfilling invitations out of expected places.

Consider this self-paced program your companion that supports your journey as you independently create the changes & goals you’re looking for, no matter what phase you are in your life.


(the first missing key)

Reaping the benefits of Feng Shui first requires mastering the mindset principles, so that your subconscious mind is primed to spot ALIGNED opportunities (while weeding out unaligned ones) like a pro. This is akin to upgrading the lens we use to view the world, so that the doors of opportunities that were once 'unseen' are now unveiled. Say goodbye to regretfully missed opportunities!


Consciously reassess, rearrange, and replace things in your physical space, using Classical Feng Shui, so that your external environment brings to you the energy that supports your growth & goals. Combine this with the 2 essential keys – Reframe and Reinvigorate – and transition into a state of overflowing joy & vitality.


(the second missing key)

Walk through the doors of opportunities that life brings to you through Feng Shui. You will engage more actively with life by taking action, and making tangible progress – whether it's upgrading your habits to achieve your goals, meeting new people who would be a match for your elevated experiences & success, or holding yourself to a higher standard to call in the joy, fulfillment, creativity, passion, quality connections, and serendipitous opportunities that your heart desires! 

When you harness all 3 keys – Reframe, Rearrange, and Reinvigorate – you begin to unlock opportunities like never before, and experience a continued evolution of health, wealth, and life satisfaction, as you consistently progress, upgrade, and achieve your goals.


Let's Explore The Journey Behind 

Feng Shui Your Lifestyle

Here is what you will get...

Phase 01: The Foundation

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be completely clear on what you’re going to discover, and HOW you’re going to use these tools I’m about to hand to you, without disappearing down ‘Confusion Alley’?

That’s the goal of the foundation phase.


  • Why 'positive' affirmations like “I have an abundance of money" don't actually work, and instead prevent you from fulfilling your desires
  • The groundwork before your start Feng Shui'ing your life & space, so that you actually see more results than your average DIY off-the-shelf Feng Shui book or course

Phase 02: Reframe

There are layers to manifestation & Feng Shui that 99% of consultants, gurus, and teachers don’t teach, but will completely change the game when it comes to experiencing the vitality, joy, passion, creativity, success, and tranquility that you so desire with Feng Shui.

This is a crucial factor in the success of your Feng Shui.


  • How to 'reset' your internal world, so that you are prepared to receive, hold, and navigate the new & elevated opportunities that life brings to you through Feng Shui

  • The energetic blocks holding you back from receiving and manifesting your desires, AND the the internal shifts you need to make to confidently step into your most aligned Self, so that you become a vibrational match with the elevated opportunities that will flow to you

Phase 03: Rearrange

You will receive your step-by-step process of transforming your home into your very own 3D vision board. Consciously shift your space to allow transformative energies to flow in and support your aligned goals.


  • How to take a compass reading and create the Bagua Map of your space, so you know what you need to do in order to reposition and apply the supportive elements in your environment
  • The Ideal Identity of each part of your home or space, and HOW BEST to optimize each of these 'identities' so you're prepared to experience the ideal life that your most aligned Self would be living

Phase 04: Reinvigorate

Now that the energy has your back, what are you more confident in taking action on?

And HOW are you going to live in your new space?

Feng Shui is where most experts stop at. But, because I know you're ambitious and results driven like me, we go all the way here!


  • How to anchor in your new standards for your life through upgraded habits, rituals, and daily practices which I will guide you through
  • How to stack those wins you're experiencing, and see the Universe compounding your efforts in your favor, so you're not doing all the 'heavy lifting' on your own

Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of Feng Shui, not just those who dedicate their life to learning it.

The question is...

Are YOU ready to become a magnet for joy, creativity, passion, quality relationships, and continuous success?


To enhance your experience with Feng Shui, you'll also receive these amazing extras...

Bonus #1


This course is the perfect complement to this program. In the Reframe, Rearrange, and Reinvigorate phases, you Feng Shui your whole home and reframe your mindset, creating an optimum canvas on which you paint and design your life. Feng Shui for Your Lucky Direction is the next step that helps you identify and enhance your 4 lucky directions – success, health, relationships, and spirituality – in your space, using your personal energy number, so that you can double down on these energies to your advantage!

VALUE: $150
Bonus #2


Not aesthetically inclined? And you know you need help in this department as you start to enhance or remedy the energies in the different directions of your space?

No worries! This is why I created the Elemental Moodboard as a guide to provide you with visual inspiration and examples, so that you know how to use the different elements – including shapes & colors – to create a home & space that's not only energetically aligned to your goals, but also visually pleasing.

VALUE: $97
Bonus #3


Upgrading your life will inevitably call upon challenges as you let go of what's familiar. But you don't have to do it alone. 

As soon as you sign up, you'll get invited to an exclusive Telegram group with your peers who are embarking on this journey, and who value personal growth, evolution, and truth. Inside the group you will receive Q&A support from me, to help you with accountability and create real alignment with your goals.

VALUE: $297

And more bonuses to come!


Are you ready to become a magnet for joy, vitality, passion, and continuous success you secretly desire and deserve?

Let Feng Shui uplift your life.


✓ Feng Shui Your Lifestyle (Value $2025)

✓ Bonus #1: Feng Shui for Your Lucky Directions (Value $150)

✓ Bonus #2: Elemental Moodboard for Your Space (Value $97)

✓ Bonus #3: The Elemental Clarity Community (Value $297)

✓ Bonus #4: $50 of your purchase will be donated to  EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute. The driving principle behind the organization is that every human being, regardless of their past, has a right to a fair and equal future.


Because this program is lifetime access (or until Kajabi ends) EVEN MORE Bonuses will be added over time - increasing the program's value!

Total Value = Over $2,500.00

Today's Investment = Only $555


Success Stories

"And since then I am getting a full 8 hours sleep most nights."

"I took a chance (after following Jeannette on IG for a year) and booked an appointment with Elemental Clarity earlier this year. I have dabbled in Feng Shui before and yet I still wasn’t sure if she could really help me. I was looking to calm the chaos that seemed to creep into my home almost overnight the prior few months. At our meeting, her first (and biggest suggestion) was to switch my bedroom and home office. It seemed silly at first but I did it anyways the day after our consult. That night was the first time in a long while that I slept through the night. And since then I am getting a full 8 hours sleep most nights. No money spent…just a few hours of labor. Mind blown at what a big difference that change made. I’ve slowly incorporated other suggestions and have found I have less clutter and mess, I am sleeping through the night and there is less overall anxiety. It wasn’t a “jolt” but rather an easy shift that has led to more rest and less chaos overall. I am definitely a fan of EC and Jeannette. Highly recommend her services.” – R. from San Pedro, CA 2022

"I was able to break free of the hole I was in."

"We’ve all had a rough year. Some of us more than others, some months more so than others. I myself was going through a rough few months and Jeannette suggested we take look at my apartment. Mind you, I lived in a studio, so I didn’t see that there would be much to do, BUT I was wrong. The type of Feng Shui Jeannette practices isn’t about buying all new furniture or who you consider your higher power. It’s about using the energy we all create to work for us in a positive manner. I gathered some initial architecture and geography information to assist the process and Jeannette began to map everything out. I learned that by making simple adjustments like moving the area where I workout or adding color to my bedroom, I was able to break free of the hole I was in. It didn’t happen instantly, it was something that made me feel better and better every day. I have since bought my first home and moved out to the water where I look forward to having Jeannette come back and do this again!" – J. from Dallas, TX 2020


"... new business opportunities, more clients, and general happiness."

"My partner and I have always been curious about Feng Shui, but we didn’t know much about it.  We knew we wanted to give it a try, but had no idea how much it could help in multiple areas of life.  We started working with Jeannette right after we decided to move from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment.  It was perfect timing for us, because we knew that we wanted a more positive shift in the energy flowing through our new apartment in comparison to our old, but weren’t sure how to make it happen. We wanted to have more peace, more calm, and more prosperity. Jeannette worked with us to make decisions about where to put our furniture, what colors to use in each room, how to position items important us, and even where in the apartment is ideal to spend most of our time based on what we were doing.   It was great to have her support while having to make so many decisions in such a short time!  We used mostly what we already had from our old apartment and also bought a few new things. Since our consultation with her, we’ve had an incredibly prosperous year in all areas of life, such as new business opportunities, more clients, and general happiness.  We are both feeling less anxious in the home, and even our dog, Mars, is more relaxed. The energy is so positive!
Jeannette is great to work with. She is easy to talk to and ask questions ranging from basic to complicated.  It has been easy to share our hopes and dreams with her and we can tell she genuinely cares about helping us reaching an ideal living environment.  She’s followed up with us several times, which also helps us know we made a great decision to work with her. We are looking forward to all the good things to come in the future!" – A. from Maryland 2020

"... two unexpected, large sums of money come into my life just from a couple weeks ... a very close friend plan an unexpected birthday party for me that brought tears to my eyes."

"Jeannette is a phenomenal, insightful, warm-hearted and action-oriented feng shui consultant! I was drawn to her at a time of my life where I was experiencing some deep personal change, and I needed a transformative shift in my environment to propel me forward. I was feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and like I lost my joy. Using a very scientific approach as well as a deep sense of enthusiasm and heartfelt understanding support, Jeannette recommended some well needed feng shui changes to my environment to call in more play, fulfillment, romance and abundance in my life! I witnessed massive result after result from following her very spot-on guidance. I experienced two unexpected, large sums of money come into my life just from a couple weeks as she had predicted based on the energy of my apartment. Second, I started having WAAAAY more fun – I got invitations out of unexpected places to start enjoying myself even more, and even had a very close friend plan an unexpected birthday party for me that brought tears to my eyes. The new energy allowed me to release a lot of stuck energy from past romantic relationships, and now I am in a place where I am ready to receive love. She is the real deal and extremely spot on!" – B. from Garland, TX 2022


Here's What A Feng Shui'd Lifestyle Can Look Like For You, Too...

A car loan paid in full.

Constantly worrying about unpaid bills is one of the biggest blocks to living a life of ease, flow, vitality, creativity, and joy.

But, with intention – through reframing and reprogramming your inner state, so that you are prepared to receive, hold, and navigate the new & elevated opportunities that life brings to you – Feng Shui supports you as you transition into a world where money is an unlimited resource and it flows to you easily and abundantly.

College loans paid in full.

Paying off a huge loan for a Master’s program in Landscape Architecture at Kansas State University is understandably no small feat for many.

But it is by no sheer coincidence that with a combination of my mindset, efforts, and using Feng Shui to support me... daunting things like paying my loans turn out to be 'effortless,' without having to sacrifice joy, play, and fun.

Because, with Feng Shui, life is more serendipitous.

You start to live in the present moment... and notice that everything that unfolds in life happens for a reason. 

That unexpected lunch.

That person you bumped into.

That seemingly 'misfortune' that paves the way for something even better...

... are all getting you one step closer to what you want.

And this could be your life.

You are in the right place, at the right time.

We are all capable of living a life of vitality, joy, and fulfillment...

Are you ready to be the next success story?


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of Feng Shui.

The question is...

Are YOU ready to become a magnet for joy, vitality, passion, and continuous success you deserve?