Imagine if your home was a harmonious environment that continuously supported you in balancing a rich personal life with a fulfilling career!


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Online Courses

  • A growing collection of self paced courses 
  • Feng Shui your space at your own pace
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    • Feng Shui Your  Lifestyle Bundle
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1:1 Consults

  • A collection of services where we work one on one to completely optimize the energy in your space
  • Check out this one if you want to save time and receive expert guidance
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    • Home Energy Refresh
    • Home Office Upgrade
    • Energy Flow Makeover
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Done For You

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    • The Premium Feng Shui Experience
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I have received multiple compliments about the energy and flow of my home from everyone who enters, and I have Jeannette to thank for that. - M. from Toronto

For the first time in my career, I walked into my space and said, “This feels like an office.” This was not going to happen without you. I’m very happy with what we created. It supports all of the ideas we discussed: simple, un-busy, but also professional and polished. You listened to me more than any expert out there and then helped me find a solution. Thank you for hearing my needs. – A. from Atlanta


Some people call it a "passion" - I call it a positive obsession. I'm obsessed with helping people become the best version of themselves. I LOVE helping people turn their down times into success stories. And every new day, every fresh start begins and ends at home.

That said, I can only do so much on my own! In an attempt to help even more people create a life they love a portion of every Elemental Clarity product and service is donated to EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute. The driving principle behind the organization is that every human being, regardless of their past, has a right to a fair and equal future.

You can read more about the organization and how they help people who've been given a second chance here.

Online Courses

Feng Shui Your Lifestyle

The Self Paced, Online Course

Are you done feeling stagnant and unfulfilled… as though you’ve lost your joy?

Is your home a current representation of your growth, successes and bright future or your past? 

Then it’s time to revitalize your home's energy and empower your life with Feng Shui & opportunity manifesting techniques that actually work


Feng Shui Instantly!

1:1 Consults

Do you feel like your home is holding you back? You’re giving your mind, body, and spirit all you’ve got, but you still feel like there’s a block somewhere. Something isn’t clicking into place like it should be… 

When the unique bond between your personal energy and your space is out of whack, it’s hard for other things in your life to fall into alignment like they should. That’s because you’re lacking the energetic support of your environment… 

Home Energy Refresh

Transform the energy of your living space into a source of inspiration, joy, and vitality with the "Home Energy Refresh." 
For the achiever looking to get the most out of life and their space! 


✓ Personalized Consultation: A 60-minute recorded session tailored to your unique needs

✓ No preliminary items needed

Customized action report: after our call you'll receive a summary of priority adjustments and next steps that will improve your energy

Expert guidance on energy flow:  furniture flow and arrangement recs to enhance the energy and functionality of your space

Discover your personal elementpersonal energy number, and how to support your unique energy

✓ Strategies to boost your internal energy and reinforce your sense of self

Practical tips to enhance your career success through your living environment

Repurpose and reposition what you already own for a refreshed and revitalized space

X Note: This service is focused on adjustments that do not involve permanent changes like paint colors or furniture investments. For a more comprehensive transformations, consider our Energy Flow Makeover.


Ready to feel reinvigorated by your home? In just one hour we will discuss your space's energy, challenging areas and show you how your improved external energy can improve your internal calm, clarity, and confidence.

Book now to discover how you can refresh your home using what you already own.




Book Now for a REFRESH!

Home Office Upgrade

Create an office you feel inspired to work in while you inspire others.
The Home Office Upgrade is designed for the achiever who desires to leave a lasting, positive, impression and boost their career success.


✓ Personalized Consultation: A 60-minute recorded session to understand your personal energy, style, desires, and needs.

✓ Customized Design Mockups: Three unique office design mockups tailored to your style, ensuring your virtual and in person presence stands out.

Curated Selection: Handpicked items for your chosen design, making it easy to bring the mockup to life. 

Easy Setup: Use the final mockup and provided measurements as your guide to set up your new office effortlessly.

Final Touches: A concluding 30-minute recorded session to fine-tune the on-screen details, ensuring you look your best.


Book now to start transforming your home office into a statement of your professional excellence.




Book Now to Upgrade Your Office Energy!

Energy Flow Makeover

Go from stuck state to flow state with the Energy Flow Makeover.
For the achiever who desires harmony, balance, and enhanced wellness in both their space and life.


✓  Personalized Guidance: Jeannette will lead you through the transformative energetic process of applying Classical Feng Shui principles to your environment.

✓ Harmonious Spaces: Discover the power of aligning your space and your energy with the natural world's energy to create a serene and supportive atmosphere for success.

✓ Renewed Energy: Experience a revitalization of your internal and external energy, propelling you towards your goals with newfound vitality.


Embark on a journey to harmonize your space and life. Click the button below for more details about the process and to start your transformation with the Energy Flow Makeover.

Your Journey to Balance Begins Here!

Done For You

The Premium Feng Shui Experience


Transform your space into one that not only improves your business success but also is a mental and emotional sanctuary when you want to turn OFF WORK and turn ON WELLNESS
Tailored for the achiever, this service is designed to harmonize your space with your ambitions, all while respecting your valuable time.


✓ Clarity Call: Beginning with a clarity call, we delve into what's got you feeling stuck, stale, or stagnant and specific pre-consultation details to tailor our approach to your unique needs.

✓ In-Person Consultation: Enjoy the personalized touch of an in-person consultation, ensuring every detail is aligned with your vision and what's best for your unique energy.

✓ Mostly Done-For-You: Benefit from a service that takes care of the heavy lifting. Jeannette handles curating the decor, Feng Shui decisions and adjustments - while you provide the intentions and final say.

✓ Efficient and Effective: Ideal for the busy achiever who prefers to delegate tasks and focus on what they do best. You're left to enjoy the profound energetic benefits without the usual demands on your time.

✓ Energetic Alignment: Achieve higher levels of energetic alignment, boosting your productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.


Ready to unlock the full potential of your space and yourself? The Premium Feng Shui Experience is your key to a harmonized, energized, and beautifully appointed environment. Click the button below to start your journey towards enhanced energetic alignment.

*Note: Travel is included in cost listed. Price may vary due to size of space and other unique needs.




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